Navigating the Home Screen

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    After pairing your FrontRow with the FrontRow App for iOS, you will land on the Home Screen. Here you have quick access to the your FrontRow’s Capture Modes, Connection Status, Settings Menu, and Gallery.

    To quickly access the Camera, pull down on the preview window. In Camera Mode you can control your FrontRow remotely to take videos, snap photos, change video resolution (and see max recording time based on storage space available), set a camera timer, and toggle between the Front and Rear facing cameras.


    To navigate back to the home screen, simply swipe up or down on the camera preview window.

    Select the Connection Status icon in the upper left to manage your FrontRow’s Wi-Fi network connection or enter Transfer Mode, and select the Settings icon in the upper right to manage your Account, Storage, and access other System Settings.


    Swipe up on the Gallery to see all of your captured content. Select an image and use the menu at the bottom (from left to right) to Share, Download, Favorite, or Delete.


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