Easier video posting to popular social networking sites

  • Live stream is nice, but it needs good wifi connection. To satisfy the uploading speed and stability, it isn't easy. I tried a couple locations, they have OK wifi for web browsing, but not good enough for live streaming.

    In this case, it makes easier video posting more important, here is what I am thinking:

    1. User takes video using regular methods (video recording or story-mode).
    2. User uses FrontRow mobile app to pre-view the video without downloading to the phone (saves time and save space on the phone).
    3. After pre-view, user select to upload it to one of the popular social networking sites (youtube, facebook, twitter, ...). This should be done with one-click on the mobile app. Of course, this requires the FrontRow device to be connected to a good wifi at the moment. User may or may not choose to add comments and title in this case.
      Notice that the video will be uploaded directly FROM the FrontRow device, and not through the phone.

    This should include photo posting as well.

    The current solution in the FrontRow mobile app is to download to the phone, then upload to plus.frontrow.com and then post a link in Twitter. Not only it took two additional steps (download to phone and upload to frontrow.com), the video is not shown or animated on Twitter, making it much less likely to catch attentions.

    If these social sites don't allow 3rd party to post videos (ie. posting videos is only allowed within their own apps/web pages), there might still be a way to get around it? Which is to use "fake live streaming". It is more like a playback of an existing video and use their live streaming API to upload. This, however, may take longer to upload. For example, if the video is 3 minute long, it would take 3 minutes to upload. But it shouldn't be a big problem.

    Or maybe we can have something like a "delayed live streaming". If the location has bad wifi or no wifi, it will record the video and delay the live streaming until later when it has good wifi connection.

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