Adjusting Story Mode Settings

  • Step 1: Open the Settings Menu
    Step 2: Scroll Down to Camera section
    Step 3: Press Story
    Step 4: Adjust Settings. *See below for settings breakdown


    Key items for Story Settings:

    1. Just below Capture Speed displays the maximum recording time for a Story based on capture speed and quality selected.
    2. The capture speed slider allows you to adjust the capture interval. Moving the slider to the right will result in a longer time interval between photos, to the left, a shorter time interval between photos.
    3. The Clock slider is used to adjust the transparency of the clock stamp that appears in the upper right hand corner of your story modes. Sliding this all the way to the left will allow you to remove it. This stamp shows the real time elapsed during your story capture.
    4. The Quality section allow you to choose between 2.7k (highest quality) and 1080p

  • @jjsantucci
    I am not interested in the maximum recording time but in the pictures/frames per minute or hour when using the slider. I hope this can be addressed in a firmware update.

  • If "max battery time" serves as a warning to users (let user aware of the consequence of doing more frames per minute), perhaps this information is still needed? In that case, both "max battery time" and its corresponding "frames per second" should both be shown?

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