Adjusting Story Mode Settings

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    Users can adjust Story resolution, capture frequency, and clock stamp transparency from the Settings Menu.

    Open the Settings Menu, scroll down to the Camera Section, and select Story.


    Adjusting the Capture Frequency slider will change the time interval between photos taken in a Story. Slide to the left for a shorter interval, right for a longer interval. Max recording time will adjust based on the Capture Frequency chosen.

    The Clock slider adjusts the level of transparency of the clock stamp found in the upper right corner of Stories.

    Finally, you can choose the desired resolution of 1080p or 2.7k

  • The fastest capture frequency is 3 seconds correct? Any chance you can have an option for snapshot every 1-1.5 seconds in next release?

  • What are the exact timing with the slider? Pictures are cute and all but not as helpful as actual numbers.

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    @nobleonekenobi Approximate time intervals are:
    All the way left: 3s
    Bicycle: 5s
    Walking: 8s
    Cloud: 10s
    All the way right: 20s

  • Story mode uses SmartCapture to determine exact interval
    It adjusts the interval based on movement and lighting conditions
    The approximate intervals listed above are simply a seed into the interval decision making process
    Hence the use of icons instead of actual numbers
    Yes, we agree that lower intervals are needed and is being worked now
    Should be GA in next 1 or 2 FW updates

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