How to use the Story Editor

  • Here is a quick overview of how you can use the Story editor feature in the FrontRow App.

    Step 1: Select a Story from your Gallery

    Step 2: Press the scissors icon at the bottom of the screen


    Tip 1: Pinch zoom in or out on the timeline bar to display more or less frames
    Tip 2: Use the Save button to save the frame in view to your phone's camera roll


    Tip 3: Use the scissors button to clip the timeline for easy selecting and editing
    Tip 4: After identifying a section that you wish to delete, you can either swipe the section up/down or use the delete button to remove it from your story

    Step 3: Press next to move on to select frame and playback speed


    Tip 5: Use the upper left button to select the frame. You can choose between 16:9, 1:1, and round
    *Note that for 1:1 and round you have the option of removing the clock overlay at the bottom of the screen.


    Tip 6: Press the upper right button to select playback speed. Use the speed slider to determine the best speed for your Story.
    *Note that the length of your Story will change as you adjust the slider.


    Step 4: Press the blue check to finish and save your Story.


    Tip 7: Press share for easy access to social sharing and don't forget to use hash tag #myfrontrow :)

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