Quick access to settings via the pull down menu

  • There is a quick access menu if you swipe down from the top of your FrontRow.


    From this menu you can access the following settings:

    0_1503590906857_pull down settings.JPG

    1. Quick access to network settings (speed test, change network, turn off)
    2. Full settings menu
    3. Power Save Mode switch
    4. Volume slider
    5. Screen Brightness
    6. Quick access to storage management
    7. Recording light switch

  • What does the Power Save option do, exactly?

  • administrators

    It will force to turn off BT/Wi-Fi after 3 minutes the device going to standby mode .

    You need to bright screen to wake up the FR device which in power save mode when mobile app client trying to connect to device .

    The device can up to 80+ hours standby time in power save mode .

  • Thank you!

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