features need

    1. add music to the story video . please add some 10 songs different mood and timing to able to add music to the time lapse (story mode) on export.

    2. apple watch app to able start video, stream or photo with watch like remote.

    3. in story mode able to change timing. right now every time to go before story I need to go settings -> camera -> story mode to see what timing is set and then go to story mode.

    4. "your moment" mode. new feature. imagine your FrontRow are writing your least 30 seconds all the time (to the buffer), and when you press button it will record this 30 seconds (what happened before button press) to the FrontRow memory. and you can change buffer time size 10, 20, 30, 60 seconds depending on hardware and battarie live. there is a lot of situations when you are going and camera is off and something happened in the front of you and you are disappointed that your camera was off. all time video writing to the buffer with opportunity to get back 30 seconds to the memory.

    5. Home monitoring app. put it on charger and enable this feature. FrontRow will record video if there will be movement. and if there is some push notification then send to phone alert or if you have some cloud feature to connect from everywhere to frontrow to see whats happening in the home via wifi.

    1. Insta live

  • administrators

    Good ideas, Thanks .

  • @zavadskis Very good ideas. #4 may not work well though, because chances are you have more storage than battery. If keeps the camera on recording mode, battery will be gone pretty quickly.

  • I noticed you mentioned to keep the 30 seconds recording in buffer memory and not on storage, that may save some battery? Not sure how much though.

    1. Dictaphone app (sound recording app). very usable for meetings, presentations. etc...

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