USB-C Stand/Dock

  • I found two docks in Amazon that look like they will do the trick:

    USB-C Charging Dock, Aiken USB Type-C Desktop Charger Cradle for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+, Google Pixel XL, Nexus 6P/5X, OnePlus 3T/3/2, LG G6/G5, HTC 10/Ultra, Huawei P10 Plus and More

    Type C Charger Dock,Yeworth [Aluminum Alloy] USB Type-C Charger Dock Sync Charging Cradle Station for Nexus 6P/5X, OnePlus 3T/3/2, LG G6, HTC 10 and Other USB-C Devices - Silver

    The first one has the ability to swivel, the second does not. I've ordered both and will reply back with impressions when they arrive.

  • Awesome, looking forward to hearing how they work out!

  • Initial thoughts:

    The Aiken is good for the backrest to support the device. The dock is very sturdy and well made. The two cons are the backrest is too high and blocks the rear camera view. The cable is standard USB (not USB-C) and the cable is non-removable.

    The Yeoworth is also very sturdy and well made. It has no backrest and has no dedicated cable attached so you can plug in either a USB-C to standard USB cable or USB-C to USB-C. The con about this dock is without a backrest the FrontRow Camera could easily be pushed too hard resulting in the dock connector getting bent or broken.

    The ideal dock would have a sturdy shorter backrest to support the camera, a removable cable for easy cable swap, and the ability to tilt for camera view adjustment. For now I will be keeping the Yeoworth and sending the Aiken back.

    (I used to review gadgets and products professionally before selling my gadget blog. I purchased both docks and my FrontRow Camera myself. This information is solely to help the manufacturer and other users and I received no compensation for writing it.)

  • I ended up making this, took a mic stand, some elec tape and a bolt. I used the pass-thru mount for the camera to make it work. I might mess around with getting something that would fit over those screw threads on the mic stand.


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