Add cellular network connection later?

  • Cellular network connection has three benefits:

    1. Allow live streaming in most places without wifi.
    2. Allow the device to work like a cell phone (take/make phone calls and video chat).
    3. Constantly upload story mode video/picture to some cloud place (public cloud or personal cloud/NAS). This will help on personal security cases. For example, if you are robbed by a stranger, the picture will be online, not just on device. (If it is just on device, the device could be taken away too)

    Of course, the cost is higher: we need to add one more device into cell phone plan, and the cost of making this device will be higher too. The battery consumption may be much higher too. So I am not sure how many people like this option. Still, for many people $20 - $25 a month isn't a big deal if it is very convenient to use.

    Also, this device can't possibly replace the cell phone since there are so many cell phone apps that would need a bigger screen. That said, its small size and ability to take videos all the time make it more useful than cell phone in some cases. But I guess someone needs to do a more serious research and see if this is a feasible idea.

    Pocketwatch-like cell phone isn't a new idea, looks like someone already tried (and failed?):

    But in that case, it was just another cell phone with less functionality. This one is a highly functional wearable camera + a smaller and more wearable cell phone. Ladies might feel easier to go out without a hand bag, and men might feel easier when wearing shorts.

  • In fact, I was always wondering if something like this was already in the plan, since I don't see how you can use the front camera right now :)

  • Assuming most people would never go out without their smart phones, and wifi on cell phone's hotspot works really well, then all the 3 benefits I listed above would not exist. In that case, cellular connection would not be useful for FrontRow.

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