Allow constantly uploading story mode pictures/video to cloud?

  • When there is Wi-Fi connection, allow user to choose constantly uploading story mode video/picture to some cloud (public cloud or personal cloud/NAS). This will help on personal security cases. For example, if someone is robbed by a stranger, the picture will be online, not just on device. (If it is just on device, the device could be taken away too)

    Since this is story-mode, the requirement for Wi-Fi bandwidth is a lot less than live streaming, and not really a real-time upload either since the upload could be delayed and buffered for a few seconds. This means it could use cell phone's wifi hotspot to stay connected and not consume too much data. In this case, automatically switch to cell phone wifi hotspot when no other good wifi is available might be a good option?

    In fact, people may not even need to turn on this feature to scare off offenders, just the "possibility" of using this feature might be powerful enough once FrontRow gets well known. The same way people use a security camera sign on the their yard to scare off thieves.

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  • Another option is to have a special button click to trigger the upload (upload last 5 minutes story-mode video to cloud) instead of constant uploading.

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    Home Security Camera / Baby care Camera :

    1. Remote access - can preview camera
    2. Upload clips to cloud when moving detected
    3. Push notification - voice/moving detected

    We will invite you to our beta testing channel once some features implemented. :P

    Thanks for your suggestions.


  • Thanks, just to be clear, what I meant is not home security, but personal security when people travel/going-out. I think ladies might really need this feature.

  • I think people can learn a few things from Fitbit. Although their design is so ugly and price is pretty high (relative to its material and quality), they still got pretty successful and dominated the field.

    People who compare it with Apple Watch didn't get the point. It is not about wearable or smart watch, instead, it is all about tailor your product to solve a problem in the best possible way. Fitbit is all about fitness. With 2/3 of Americans overweight, 1/3 obese, 1/2 of adults with diabetes, the need for fitness is tremendous.

    For FrontRow, IMO it is all about taking/transferring/storing/sharing videos/photos as easily as possible. Vlogging is just one of the applications. It is not about camera or wearable.

  • Now I see the right word for it is "personal body camera". I already saw several people mentioning of using this for personal security purposes in Twitter.

  • @vincent-frontrow any updates on this?

    as important as the security features mentioned are, to my personal needs, by far the biggest reason i want this is the backup effect to relief stress. it's also about some sense of self security for the mind. and because i'm a backup freak.

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    1. Remote access - can preview camera realtime
      You can experience this feature by FrontRow Cloud

    2. Upload clips to cloud when moving detected

    3. Push notification - voice/moving detected

    Not start.
    But you can sync your videos to Goolge Driver and Dropbox .

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